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Third Generation

14. Archibald T. MCCORCLE29,30 was born about 1813 in Georgia.31,32 Archibald was born c1813 in Georgia, but was reared in Alabama. He served in the military between 1836 and 1839 in Republic of Texas Army.32,33 On the 13th day of April 1836, Archibald started from Canton, Madison County, Mississippi as a recruit in the volunteer Company commanded by Captain David Fulton. They crossed the Sabine River on the 25th day of May, 1836. He reached Texas just after the Battle of San Jacinto had ended the war with Mexico. He served the remainder of his term in the Republic of Texas Army under Captain William E. Harrell who succeeded Captain Fulton that was promoted to Lt. Colonel in the Texan Army. Archibald was honorably discharged at the expiration of his term of service by General Felix Houston. In 1839, he re-enlisted in the Texas Rangers and was assigned to Captain John Bird's Company that was involved in putting down one of the last significant Indian uprising in the area that is now Bell County, Texas. Captain Bird and some of the Rangers were killed in the "Battle of Bird's Creek" that is commerated by a historical marker near the Holiday Inn in Temple, Texas. He owned Land Grant before 1849 in Fort Bend County, Texas.33,34 Archibald was awarded a third of a league of land in Fort Bend County Texas. He was awarded a soldier's share, but he petitioned for a "headright" share of land. On 3 Nov 1857, he appealled to the Land Board that he had been wrongfully been denied his total share because his marriage had been delayed about 3 months by his service in the Texas Rangers. His request was denied.

Archibald may have also had real estate in Gonzales, Dimmit and Duvall Counties. The referenced land records indicate that he received "second class" certificates for those counties. He was living in 1850 in Belton, Bell County, Texas.35,36,37,38 A. T. McCorcle erected the first clapboard house in Bell County. In 1850, he opened the first store on the square of Nolandsville, later renamed Belton. He later erected a two story building; the ground floor was used for his business and the upper floor was the family living quarters. On October 21, 1850, the first elections in Belton were held in A.T. McCorcle's home. He died on 14 Feb 1870 in Houston, Harris County, Texas.39,40 Archibald died and was buried in Houston, Texas. After his marriage to Caroline Allen, Archibald was a merchant in the town of San Felipe, Austin County, Texas. Succession records in that county show that he and Caroline were involved is several real estate transactions. He was at one time the Coroner for Austin County.

In 1849 he removed to Milam District, from which Bell County was later organized. He was one the organizers of the county, he assisted in laying out the town of Belton, and was the first person to sell goods in the town of Belton. Some records show that he was the first sheriff of Bell County.

Archibald was too old to serve in the Confederate Army as a soldier, but he was in the Bell County militia during that war. His oldest son, James was a Confederate soldier and according to another son, Whipple, James was killed during the war.

In 1867 he took a stock of goods to Mexico, where he remained for two years, and then returned to Houston. His death occurred in that city on Febrary 14, 1869. His family afterward returned to his farm on Owl Creek in Bell County.

Archibald T. MCCORCLE and Caroline Eliza Matilda Cook ALLEN were married on 5 Sep 1839 in San Felipe, Austin County, Texas.41,42 Archibald and Caroline were married on 5 Sep 1839 in Austin County, Texas. Caroline Eliza Matilda Cook ALLEN35 (daughter of Martin ALLEN and Elizabeth (VIZE) VICE) was born on 11 Dec 1824 in Natchitoches, Louisiana.43,44 Caroline was born on 11 Dec 1824 in Natchitoches, Louisiana. She died on 25 Sep 1853 in Belton, Bell County, Texas.43 She was buried on 27 Sep 1853 in Belton, Bell County, Texas. The exact spot of Caroline's burial is not known, but she was probably buried on their farm on Owl Creek, near Belton, Texas. Archibald died and was buried in Houston in 1869. Caroline was the youngest child of Martin Allen and Elizabeth Vice. She was born in Louisana but grew up at 8 Mile Point in Austin County, Texas. She married Archibald T. McCorcle in San Felipe, Austin County, Texas on 5 Sep 1839. Her husband was a native of Georgia, but was reared in Alabama. For his military services in the Republic of Texas Army, Archibald was awarded a land grant in Ft. Bend County, Texas. After his marriage to Caroline Allen they moved near her family at San Felipe. He was a merchant and served as the Austin County coroner. In 1848, they moved to Milam County which was subdivided and part of it became what is now Bell County, Texas. Archibald and Caroline were very instrumental in the founding and development of the of town of Belton. They had a home and business there. Some records show that Archibald was the first sheriff of Bell County.

They had 8 children of which only 4 lived to maturity. The oldest, James, died in the Civil war as a Confederate soldier and left no descendants. A daughter Lavinia McCorcle (Parker) lived and died in Bell and Coryell Counties, but had no descendants. Their son Whipple W. McCorcle became the first doctor of Killeen, Bell County, Texas and spent his entire life in that area. He has a large number of descendants, many in Central Texas. Caroline died soon after the birth of their youngest son William Wade Hutching McCorcle. Archibald T. MCCORCLE and Caroline Eliza Matilda Cook ALLEN had the following children:



Henry T. MCCORCLE was born about 1840 in Milam County, Texas. He died about 1848 in Bell County, Texas.



James A. MCCORCLE was born in 1842 in San Felipe, Austin County, Texas.44 He served in the military in 1861/62 in Confederate States Army.45,46 National Archive Records show that James A. McCorcle joined the Confederate Army on 10 Aug 1861 at Camp Kyle, Texas. He was 18 years old, a Private and assigned to Capt. Wm. C. Timmins' Company, 1st Regiment Texas Volunteers. Later Muster Rolls show him to be assigned to 2nd Regiment Texas Infantry, Company B. James McCorcle (Private Co.B , 2nd Texas Volunteers) appears on a Battle of Shiloh report, dated 25 April 1862 showing that he lost 1 gun and turned in 6 enemy guns. The Company Muster Rolls from May/June 1862 through Jan/Feb 1863 show James absent and comments state that he is due back pay and a 50 dollar bonus and that he was sent to Gen'l Hospital on June 17, 1862.

In his biography, James' brother Whipple Wesson McCorcle, reported that James was killed in the Civil War. Exactly, when and where has not been determined.






Anne E. MCCORCLE was born in 1846 in San Felipe, Austin County, Texas.17 Anne was born in San Felipe, Austin County, Texas around 1846. She died in Sep 1849 in Milam County, Texas.17 Milam County Mortality Report for 1849 says Anne died of a fever after 6 days illness.



Whipple Wesson "Doc" MCCORCLE.



Wm Wade Hutching MCCORCLE.

Archibald T. MCCORCLE and Eliza H. KNEELAND were married on 27 Dec 1853 in Belton, Bell County, Texas.47 Archibald McCorcle and Eliza Kneeland were married on 27 Dec 1853 in Bell County, Texas. Eliza H. KNEELAND47 was born on 6 Aug 1811 in Chesterfield, New Hampshire.48 She died on 4 Dec 1893 in Texas. After Caroline's death, Archibald married Eliza Kneeland. As a widow of Archibald McCorcle, Eliza filed for and received a Republic of Texas Army Pension under the Act of July 28, 1876.