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Second Generation

5. James MCCORKEL3,10 was born on 26 Apr 1763 in Pennsylvania.2,11 He lived Twelve Mile Creek in Mecklenburg County, NC between 1765 and 1788. He served in the military in 1780 in American Revolution.3,6,12,13 Mc Orcle, James (?mispelled) - Claiborne, Monroe County, AL in 1825. Listed as "Hero of '76" to be invited to Lafayette Celebration April 1825.

James stated in his pension application that he was drafted in the summer after the fall of Charleston and later that same year was captured and held a prisoner at Camden for five weeks and two days before he escaped. According to history, in February 1780 Britain greatly expanded its southern beachhead when Sir Henry Clinton arrived in South Carolina from New York with 8,700 additional troops. He soon laid siege to Charleston, where on May 12 American Maj. Gen. Benjamin Lincoln surrendered the city and its more than 5,000 defenders. A second, hastily assembled American Southern army under Horatio Gates was crushed at Camden in upper South Carolina (Aug.16, 1780) by Lord Cornwallis, whom Clinton had left in command when he returned to New York.

He lived Washington County, GA between 1788 and 1792. He lived Lincoln County, GA between 1792 and 1819. He lived Monroe County, AL between 1819 and 1840.3,14,15 James McCorkel moved to Monroe County, Alabama in 1819. Listed as James McConkel in 1820, James McCircle in 1830.and as James McCorkel in 1840 census. He died after 1840 in Monroe County, Alabama..16 James McCorkel was a private in the Revolutionary War. He served from South Carolina according to DAR member 581269, Myrna McCorcle Smith.

The following are excerpts from the application for American Revolution Pension submitted by James McCorkel from Monroe County, Alabama in 1832.

The Secretary of War

The State of Alabama Circuit Court Hall Tavern 1832 (1)
Monroe County
On this 1st day of November 1832 appeared before me, Horatio G. Perry Judge of said Court James McKorke(l), a resident citizen of Monroe County, State of Alabama who being duly sworn declares and says that he was born in the State of Pennsylvania and is now in the 70th year of his age and makes the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the act of Congress allowing pensions to the surviving soldiers of the revolution passed the 7th of June 1832. He further states that he removed to North Carolina during his infancy and remained there until the year Charleston was captured by the British about which time ( in the summer of the year ) he was drafted into the service of the United States under Capt. Norris and set out on his march to ?Robisonville? Mill on River Yadkin in North Carolina for the purpose of dislodging a body of Tories who were assembled and fortified at this place. Not before the company to which he was attached reached that place they were ordered not to advance further as an engagement had already taken place. That he was at this period about 2 weeks in the service. That afterward he was drafted ( the same year ) and placed under the command of General in the upper part of Carolina there surprised by the Indians - that he was taken prisoner by the British and Tories and carried to Camden and remained there five weeks and two days when he made his escape. He states further that he was in the service in all between 2 and 3 months and never received any compensation whatever.

Questions propounded to and answered by James McKorkle in my presence.

1. When and in what state were you born?
Ans.: I was born in the State of Pennsylvania, on the waters of the Schuykhill, but in what county I do not recollect, in June or July 1763.

2. Have you any record of your age, if yes where is it ?
Ans.: I have a record of my age, but it has been destroyed by time.

3. Where were you living when called into service; where have you lived since the Revolutionary war and where do you now live ?
Ans.: I have lived the greater part of the time in Washington, Lincoln and Columbia counties in Georgia - thirteen years ago I removed to Monroe County, Alabama where I now reside.

4. How were you called into service ?
Ans.: I was drafted.

5. State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops when you served, each continental and militia regiment as you can recollect and general circumstances of your service.
Ans.: I refer to my declaration for an answer to the foregoing.

6. Did you ever receive a discharge from the service and if so by whom was it given and what became of it?
Ans.: I never did - at the time I escaped from Camden my company was discharged and I never was in the army afterwards during the Revolutionary War.

7. State the names of persons in your present neighborhood to whom you are known and who can testify to your character for veracity and their belief of your revolutionary service.
Ans.: I refer particularly to J. H. Schrobell a minister of the gospel and John Powell Esquire.

James McCorkel

Swore and subscribed before me
the day and year aforesaid
Horatio G. Perry

Rachel was born in 1776 in Georgia.17 She died in Aug 1849 in Milam County, Texas.17 The 1850 Milam County, Texas Mortality Records says the Rachel died aged 73 , and was a widow. Cause of death - old age. She was probably buried near A. T. McCorcle's farm on Owl Creek, now in Bell County. Bell County was formed from a part of Milam County. Due to her age (73); her place of birth (GA); and being a widow living with Archibald, Rachel McCorcle is assumed to be his mother. James MCCORKEL and Rachel had the following children:



Archibald T. MCCORCLE.